This place is full of heat and has rye aroma. Here the performance take place - professional actors, like some craft experts pour flaming liquid and give a taste to all festival guests.


In brewery live foaming beer, especially for this festival is being made from ancient recipe - "Dvaro Pono alus" - long aged, unfiltered through any filters, it has hop cones aroma, and available only to guests of this festival to taste this exceptional beer. The Raudone chief brewers from all over Lithuania come. They reveal a rich brewing history. They pull out their grandparents "bražnikes" and boil hot beer soup. This soup is magical - it heals from spring changeable weather and bad mood. Since early spring, the Lithuanian beer barrels are being conveyed directly to the castle.

Candy Shop

Specially for this festival candy factory workers reproduce sweets from old recipes, from which landlords were treated with in the past century. Here in Candy shop specially-made novelty sweets sets, sweets "Raudones Castle cukierka", "Pilies ponios saldi dovanėlė" can be purchased. We share the culinary heritage tradition; during this festival we demonstrate historical reproduction of sweets.

Castle Arts Workshop

In the castle arts craft workshop best craftsmen help to make a variety of jewellery: medallions, earring, bracelets, wooden angels and hearts. Napkins are being cut in old-fashioned way. Decoupage masters teach guests how to artificially make things look aged, to decorate the porcelain, wood and other materials.

Castle Bakery

Millstones are rotating in historic Castle Bakery. Flour is being grinded and with bakery masters homemade bread is being baked. We tell about the old-fashioned recipes how to make dough and baking our own buns, gingerbreads, muffins and other specialties. We taste old bakery recipes with sunflower seeds, rye, linseed, sesame seeds and crush grain flavoured bread. Nutritious and delicious aroma of bread is tempting everybody to come in into a cosy castle bakery.

Castle Cafe

Castle's cafe attracts to come in with fragrant smell of coffee. Here we can taste traditional Brazilian coffee cooked in ancient popular dishes, and we learn about the subtleties of coffee, coffee-drinking tradition even more. While sipping a fragrant mint, chocolate, flavoured coffee whipped with cream, we observe coffee experts who are roasting coffee beans, grinding it and packing into souvenir bags. Foodies are tempted by a wide range of cakes with fruit and chocolate.

Castle Farm

In castle's farm sheep, goats, piglets, rabbits, ponies are grazing. Little festival visitors can cuddle them, feed them and take photos with them. Institute of Animal workers bring into a castle vintage coarse white sheep and geese, tell the guests about about 100 years ago and even earlier farmed animals in Lithuanian farms.

Castle Mail

Castle mail is managed by Museum of Communication History and the Lithuanian postal workers. Old telephones and switches are brought from the museum into the castle. They connected calls from one manor to another in nineteenth century. Postal workers stick the forgotten telegraph strips on postcard bonds and confirms with festival stamp. Especially for the historical castle festival special cards are issued. The first of those receive visitors at tourism, sports and leisure exhibition "Vivattur". Every year hundreds of postcards with perforated edges and lavender scented, marked with "Panemuniai ring" seal, goes into the mail and then are being sent into the various parts of the world.

Castle's Surrounding Villages Craft and Culinary Courtyard

Culinary heritage promoters offers "Kugelis", zeppelins, cheese and honey, dug, home-made gingerbread, sour beetroot soup, rye, "pusine" silk cereals, dumplings and other sweets. There are also available various dainties made from flour, milk, potatoes and fish.

Dairy and Creamery

The smell of fresh milk in the old castle attracts to visit a dairy and taste creamery fossil, fresh cottage cheese, apple traditional cheeses, cheese with various herbs. Milkman beats butter, presses cheese, bottles milk, brings to taste everything. Especially for this festival dish called "Kastinys" in souvenir clay cups is being manufactured, also cottage cheese for presents, the culinary heritage traditional products are being manufactured. Little festival guests are being pleased with ice cream and milkshakes, ice cream with strawberries, wild berries, vanilla, chocolate. In ancient icehouse ice cream is made according old recipe of fresh milk, sugar and black currant cane be tasted. The unseen life boils - like the old days at the famous dairy Linder. The last owner of the castle J. de Faria e Castro to lead the dairy invited Mr. Linder from Switzerland. Old Raudonė people still remember the round Linder cheeses - such cheeses can be tasted and now at castle theatrical dairy and creamery.

Fishermen's Yard

Bonfires are burning in Fishermen's yard. There are being traditionally baked vimbas, smoked fish, boiled fish in boilers. Each year the fish soup is even more fragrant. Fishermen are preparing this soup from up to five different fish types. Especially to Raudone the barrels of herring and boxes of fresh fish are being shipped. To the festival guests come from the island, fragrant with fish. While Neptune cause wind Raudone, the fishermen boil two types of fish soups, and their wives bake specialties for guests. To the fishermen's yard also come actors from the most famous theatres, musicians, and the sounds from Jurbarkas land starts to play. Nearby craftsmen scoops boats and make fishing nets. Also the gallery of old photographs of boats, fishing gear and nets, is running. Since ancient times, Panemune is famous with "Žiobrinė". On the wooden spits, sticked around bonfires, vimba were baked. Beer foamed, bands played, the queen of vimbas were elected.

Oil and Pancake Place

In the castle oil and pancake place special virgin oil selected carefully from raw materials is being pour out from the ancient dishes, hosts on antique oven bake pancakes and delicious holiday treats for visitors. And for little visitors there is turning pancake carousel.


Old pharmacy experts manage castle's pharmacy, they offer infusions, liquors and pills, reinserting youth and the joy of life. Herbalist tells about herbs that grow in meadows of Panemune which cures many diseases. Throughout the year, old pharmacists studied ancient recipes and only natural materials are used in production of medical pills which cure festival guests. Pharmacist of Vilkija - Švambaris has developed a "three-nine" herbal blend. After the festival, it helps to recuperate and repair health. And especially for little festival visitors candies are made from sweet flag.


During the festival in the inner courtyard there is castle's dressing place. You can dress up in historical costumes, donning a hat, or even sit back seat carriages and take photos with the memories of noble family, court maids, menials and greyhounds.

Castle Washroom and Laundry Facilities

Manor washroom and laundry room invites guests to wash their hands and wash their laundry in old-fashioned way. Pure spring water is flowing out of copper jugs and bubbling soap is boiling the pot. Cooked with herbs, red palm oil, and even Lithuanian gold - amber, and you can buy gifts to bring back home. To the castle's washroom soap making experts come from the oldest soap factory in Lithuania, to advise the visitors on how to choose the best one.

Yard of Flavours

To Rauones Castle arrive connoisseurs of magic herbs and aromatics. They bring the legendary ladies Olga lavender water. Festival guests can buy lavender water, which has remarkable power, in souvenir bottles. Ladies boil hot scented soap from vegetable oils and teaches how to make creams, balms, with suitable aroma, how to soothe the soul and how to maintain a good mood.